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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  October 5, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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hello and thank you for joining us. i'm j.c. hayward. well, for the second time in two weeks, both presidential candidates are campaigning in virginia today. mitt romney will hold what he calls a cold country event in abingdon.
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president obama held a campaign rally in george mason university. surae chinn joins us live from fairfawith more information. [ no audio ] all right, we're having some technical difficulty getting to surae chinn. we'll try and get back to her in a few minutes. well, there's good news for the president because the jobs report was released today. and for the first time in four years, the unemployment rate dipped below 8%. very good news for the white house. no president has been re- elected with unemployment above 8% since the great depression. but republican challenger mitt romney says that those numbers are not good enough. tara mergener has more now from the white house. >> reporter: john keenan is repairing bikes these days.
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not in montana where he owns a farm with his wife but in springfield, virginia. >> i moved back in with my parents the same house i grew up in. >> reporter: keenan left behind breathtaking vistas and his cashmere sheep because jobs are more plentiful on the east coast. >> it's been is very poor economy for a long time. it's tough to get a job. the scenery is awesome. everyone wants to move there but you can't eat the scenery. >> reporter: the latest job numbers suggest more of the same for people like keenan. 114,000 jobs were added last month. less than in august or july. but the all important employment rate fell to 7 .8%. the lowest since president obama took office. officials at the white house say there is still more work to be done on the jobs front but insist the later report is proof -- latest report is proof the economy is headed in the right direction. >> we've made too much progress to return to the policies that led to the crisis in thefirst place. >> reporter: in a statement republican challenger mitt romney said -- this is not what
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a real recovery looks like. if not for all the people who have simply dropped out of the labor force, the real unemployment rate would be closer to 11%. it's a message he's been hammering on the campaign trail. >> we've had 43 straight months with unemployment above 8%. >> reporter: economists say unemployment fell in part because more people have landed part-time work. that's what keenan's done. there's one more jobs report before election day. tara mergener for cbs news, the white house. >> surae chinn is covering the political scene for us. today she is in fairfax. surae? >> reporter: well, j. c., if anything was going to help the race debate night for the president, it would be positive jobs numbers and that's what the president honed in on. president obama in his comfort zone in his intimate setting here at the concert hall at george mason university. mainly supporters, many students, and other voters. his first talk in the
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commonwealth since wednesday night's debate. president obama responds to new unemployment numbers that dropped to 7.8%. the lowest in four years since president obama took office. >> this is a choice not just between two candidates or two parties, but a choice between two fundamentally different visions for america. and today, i believe that as a nation, we are moving forward again. [ applause ] we're moving forward. cheer [ cheering and applause ] now after losing about 800,000 jobs a month within i took office -- when i took office, our businesses have now added 5.2 million new jobs over the past two and a half years. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: now before the debate, the president had a very slight lead over his opponent in the commonwealth. the battleground state of virginia. the question is, can he
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maintain that slight edge between now and november? back to you j. c.. >> thank you surae. well, bedbugs are causing headaches for students at the university of maryland. the pests are spreading through parts of building 7 at the south campus commons dormitories. the company that manages the dormitories says that they were told about the problem in late september and they are working to get rid of the bugs. well, students say it's difficult to concentrate on class work. when they wake up with bug bites and so they've had to strip sheets off their beds and put their clothes in bags. montgomery county lawmakers giving the -- are giving the plastic bag tax another look. right now we pay five cents for getting a bag at the supermarket and at stores. the county council president says the tax may hit too many kinds of realtors. and it may need to be narrowed. since the tax was put in place,
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january 1st, it has brought in nearly $170,000 a month for the county. a grandmother and an infant are alive today and that's thanks to the quick actions of prince george's county firefighters. their apartment on 85th avenue and new car rollton caught fire this morning. one of the residents who got out spoke to us about what happened. >> as soon as i came out of the down -- the fire department was running in and they busted through the door right here. got the fire done and the lady up here, she had her baby. so they had to put the ladder up the and make sure they brought the baby down probably and they did all that. so yeah everything was -- it was done correctly. >> the cause of the fire is being investigated. a man is fighting for his life after he jumped from the second floor of a burning townhouse. flames broke out around 6:00 last night at the court complex in northwest washington.
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crews managed to rescue two other victims who were trapped on the third floor. and they are being treated r smoke inhalation. officials are still investigating how this fire got started. families who lost loved ones during the sniper shootings ten years ago gathered to remember the victims. this was the scene at last night's vigil at goshen united methodist church in gaithersburg. ten people were killed, three others were wounded. before john allen muhammad and lee malvo were caught. ten years after john allen muhammad and lee malvo terrorized our region, victims' families say that they are still receiving moral support from the community. >> people would just come up to us and send us condolences and help with you know, the church. co-workers, friends, family. strangers. and that's how strong our community is and just like to
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thank everyone. >> john allen muhammad was executed in 2009 and lee malvo was sentenced the life in -- to life in prison. still to come when the news continues are you ready for some football? well, the redskins are taking on the atlanta falcons with the hope of snapping the home game losing streak. we'll have details just ahead. >> and find out why d.c. delegate eleanor holmes norton was in fort totten yesterday talking about safety. we'll be back in just a moment.
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it's a good thing the nationals will be on the road for their first playoff game on sunday because metro is using the columbus day weekend to do some work between the stadium armory and cheverly stations on the orange line. on the red line, the work will be between judiciary square and
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fort totten. trains will be single tracking in both of those work zones. and that work is scheduled to begin tonight at 10:00 p.m. and it will end when the system closes monday night. delegate eleanor holmes norton toured fort totten after several people were robbed. for years neighbors have been using a path to get to a nearby metrobus stop bus a recent spike in crime has residents concerned. delegate norton is calling on the national park service to step up patrols in that area. coming up next -- howard and the forecast. >> nice and warm out here on the weather terrace j. c.. we're going into the 80s today. maybe 30 degrees cooler though by sunday. let's take you to break with a look at the allergy update. that's come in and the mold spores are still high. all else is low. tell you about that changing weekend forecast in detail when 9news now at noon returns.
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pool. forget elephants for republicans and donkeys for democrats, there is an election going on. it's about dogs and cats. the washington animal rescue league has this on their website. it wants you to cast a vote for -- he's the tricolor hound from south carolina or -- an 8-week- old cat from the district as part of the fundraising drive for the rescue league. i'm on that board. so vote. just -- it only cost you $1, it's a fundraiser. go to well, in sports the redskins have a real challenge this weekend. because they host the undefeated falcons. the redskins also have a seven game home losing streak. kickoff is sunday begins at 1:00 p.m. and we're hoping that rg3 will come through. he was named nfl offensive rookie of the month on
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thursday. the redskins are averaging the third most points in the league and that's mostly because of him. >> playing every game. we put up a lot of yards. we have to make sure you know we continue to put up more and more points you know, the game it's still football. it's fun. if it's a lot more fun winning. and it's always that way. but you know it's still football and i mean it's a dream come true. >> we just learned that the washington nationals' first playoff game will be this sunday, first pitch is at 3:07 p.m. and it starts actually during the redskins/falcons game. game two is monday at 4:37. and these are both away games. the nationals will play the winning team from tonight's st. louis cardinals/atlanta braves game. >> major league baseball you know they have the wild card now but it's so crazy to me that the team with the higher seed is on the road for the
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first couple of games. >> that doesn't seem fair. >> doesn't seem right. what's the point of getting the higher seed? you make it the last three games of home on a five game series but if you're down 0-2? >> when you have the last games at home you know. >> you want that. i still think you start at home if you've earned that you deserve that. >> all right howard we're going to send that to them. >> come on, bud selig let's talk about that. let's talk about the weather because it's beautiful out there. and i hope you can get outside and take advantage of it because we've got some tremendous changes coming by the time we get to sunday. that redskins' game it's a home one. oh if they were playing today they'd be happy because it is gorgeous. friday night football. gorgeous for the high schoolers. 81 at 3:00. we're going up to about 83 today with a 5:00 p.m. temperature of 80. now this evening, it's going to be nice. clear skies. maybe a couple of clouds late. temperature by 9:00 70. we'll be in the low 60s by tomorrow morning here in town. with 50s once again in the suburbs. so enjoy it. look at the satellite and radar. nothing near us.
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had a couple of showers in northwestern ohio. that's ahead of that strong cold front i'm expecting here tomorrow afternoon. but we're already well up in the 70s. mid 70s in the shenandoah valley although hagerstown is 71. fredericksburgsburg tappahannock 79. you're in d.c. 79 degrees. look outside on our michael & son weather camera. not a cloud in the sky. it's a beautiful day. dew points in the 50s so the relative humidity 47% and currently at north northwesterly wind at 8 miles an hour. i think that will go to the southwest later this afternoon. so the weather headlines great for football football tonight. you might -- high school football tonight. you might need a light jacket or sweatshirt but very comfortable. we have the threat in the afternoon especially south of town. much colder though on sunday. temperatures could be 30 degrees colder so headed out to the skins' game sunday you'll sit and need to bundle up. there's a threat of showers
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also on sunday. right now i'm thinking mainly in the morning. keep my finger crosses and 50s and dry is a lot better than 350 ever and wet. -- 50s and wet if you're going out to the game. today in the 40s in the northern plains and only 40 in casper. some snow flying in the mountains around there. tomorrow that cool air surges down. into dallas and the ohio valley. we'll still be in the 70s tomorrow but by sunday look at what happens. 50s all the way down to i-40. we'll be lucky to be 55 on sunday afternoon. a much colder air mass settles in for the finish of the weekend. bigger picture you see the showers from ohio going all the way back toward missouri and arkansas. and back into illinois. that's ahead of that strong cold front and that cold front likely will arrive here by the middle of the day into the afternoon and with that front tomorrow, we're going to see some showers. nothing happening today. couple of showers up in pennsylvania later today and tonight in toward west virginia by tomorrow morning. and southern ohio. we'll get toward lunchtime tomorrow, here's stopping the clock at 11:45.
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not too much going on but watch from there until 3:00. now a few showers popping up and especially southwest and south of town. may not be too much north and west. front comes through in the afternoon and the best chances for showers will be south and east of town by dinner time. and then that front continues to push through. we get into the colder air for sunday morning and here's the showers we're looking at for sunday but if it all works out by noon, most of that will be south and east of us so we'll just be colder and dry sunday afternoon. but if this is further west it could be ugly on sunday for the skins weather-wise. our forecast is just great today. 83. tonight, 50s and 60s. tomorrow mild, 78 with a few afternoon showers. sunday, colder, go a yellow alert with the showers and just the chill that's going to impact the outdoor plans, we're back to 70 by tuesday. stick around, 9news now at noon will return right after this.
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if you like bouillabaisse i have a great new restaurant i want to tell you about. it's in mclean, virginia on chain bridge road. and it is called cuisine at bistro vivant and i have their new chef with me and he has brought oh my gosh. you brought so many things. what are you preparing today? >> we're preparing a dish from province called bouillabaisse. >> of course bouillabaisse. >> it's more shellfish you know from the mediterranean. you can find langost and monk fish. some sea bass and also -- clams and mussels. >> put all of that into your bouillabaisse? bouillabaisse is not the easiest soup to make.
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>> you can make it easy. if you do two steps. >> you can? what? >> you prepare your stuff first with the bones and some fish. >> that's very important. >> yes. with some fennel. some basil and tomato. like for one hour. steam underwater. then you just bend everything and you -- that's your stuff ready. >> now chef, did you share your recipe with me? can i put it on my website? >> yes. >> >> yes. >> but i'm telling you, i'm telling you, you will want to go to cuisine at bistro vivant because they really know how to do it. we're going to do it very quickly. >> we have a hot pan and we put the oil. >> i see. >> and we just season our seafood. >> uh-huh. >> we just pour it there. >> salt? >> salt and pepper. little oil. and a little smoking. >> shrimp? >> shrimp. monk fish. >> monk fish. >> and the scallops. >> oh my gosh look at that. >> so all that is working.
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>> look at that. >> just lightly. after that, we're going to deglaze. no. it's any flavor. >> little wine. >> just a little wine. >> uh-huh. it adds to everything. >> yeah. >> while you're doing that, go right ahead just continue. i'm just going to open this. uh-oh. i need this. i'm going to open this so you can see what it looks like when he finishes doing that. oh and it smells so good. he's putting everything in and the finished plate is right where? >> the plate we're going to pour it here. >> i thought it was -- okay. ooh, look at that. oh it smells so good chef. >> thank you. >> okay, cuisine at bistro vivana on chain bridge road in mclean. >> that looked good. hey, we have a great day today. please take advantage of the 83. 70s tomorrow and afternoon showers and then you will need
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a jacket and maybe a little rain gear by sunday. 55 and you got columbus day off? that will be okay, just kind of crisp and 62. maybe tomorrow go to shenandoah valley and check out the leaves. >> tomorrow i'm going to be at the prince george's county african-american museum gala. so come and join me. have a great weekend. listen to us at 5:00 p.m. tonight. bye bye. >> see you. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ]
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